The Northwest Indiana Steelheaders Inc. is a non-profit organization.
 We are dedicated to educating the general public and promoting anadromous sport fishing in the Great Lakes and their tributary streams and rivers..

April  4 2018   Our Guest Speaker 
Steve Hrynewycz from Fluid Fun Canoe & Kayak

June 30-July1 Skamania Mania

Rich Hedgepeth  President
Mike Ryan  Vice President
Jean Hedgepeth, Secretary
Janet Ryan, Treasurer


Gary Heminger         2019
Gene Cerniak           2018
Walt Stepankow       2020
Ron Kasza               2018
Mike Hayman           2019
Bernie Hayman         2019
Roque Ybarra            2018
Mary Ryba                2020
Rich Racine              2020

Newsletter  PDF Writer
Jean Hedgepeth

Membership Chairman
Bill Kessler
All Membership Questions & NWIS Property Acess should be directed to the Membership Chairman

Web Master
Jean Hedgepeth

Largest Steelhead
1st Place Jarret Carlson    13LBS. 15 OZ.
2nd Place Philip Scrivens   11 LBS. 4 OZ.
3rd Place   Jack Garson       10 LBS. 7 OZ.
4th Place   George Krstic      10 LBS. 6 OZ.
5th Place   Todd Hatfield      10 LBS. 6 OZ.
6th Place   Ken Garson       9 LBS. 4 OZ.
Chief's Bait & Steelheaders  Open Steelhead Tournament Results:
Largest Brown Trout
1st Place  Timothy Jones Jr.   8 LBS. 11 OZ.
2nd Place William Marshall   7 LBS. 13 OZ.
Largest Coho
1st Place  William Marshall  7 LBS. 1 OZ.
2nd Place  Richard Jendrzisjczyk  1 LB. 15 Oz.
3rd Place    Jordan Speakman       1 LB. 15 Oz.